We work with professional service firms on their key strategic, organisational and management challenges.

We have produced the following types of outcomes with our clients:

  • Partnership: Improving and structuring relationships among partners (incluiding dispute mediation).
  • Vision, mission, values: Defining and creating consensus around fundamental directions for the firm.
  • Strategy: Defining or updating the market positioning, the objectives and the strategy of the firm or a particular group.
  • Team spirit: Enhancing team spirit and teamwork among partners, associates or within a specific group.
  • Organisation and efficiency: Designing, improving and implementing organisation, decision-making, workflow and processes.
  • Business development and marketing: Designing strategies to improve client acquisition, client relationship management and client development.
  • People management: Helping the managers of the firm in all aspects of dealing with associates, from setting up a career path to conducting performance appraisal interiews to enhancing job satisfaction and retention, etc.
  • Skills development: Helping professionals sharpen up commercial, communication, management and other soft skills.
  • Pricing and profitability: Improving profitability by setting up optimal pricing, invoicing, financial metrics and project management systems.