We work with general counsel and their teams on key strategic, organisational and management challenges for the legal function.

Over the years, we have produced the following types of outcomes with our clients:

  • Strategy: Defining the vision, mission statement and general strategy of the law department.
  • Business partner: Establishing and strengthening the position of the law department as a recognised strategic business partner.
  • Team spirit: Enhancing team spirit and teamwork and the relationships among the members of the law department.
  • Organisation: Designing and implementing a structure for the law department that fits complex and sometimes conflicting organisational needs
  • Efficiency: Increasing the efficiency and productivity of the law department, improving, simplifying and documenting processes and enhancing standardisation and automation.
  • Outside counsel: Improving the management of outside counsel: in-sourcing & outsourcing strategy, requests for proposals, budgeting and reporting, and win-win collaboration models.
  • Risk management: Developing the mindset, skills, processes and tools for effective legal risk management and for enabling the law department to make a meaningful contribution to overall Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Compliance: Designing and implementing the compliance strategy and organsiation and dealing with related topics such as codes of conduct, policies, corporate social responsibility, governance, etc.
  • Career management: Structuring a motivating career path and a professional development strategy for in-house lawyers.
  • Skills development: Developing professional skills for the members of the law department in the area of strategic thinking, counseling, communication and project management.