Mission, vision, and goals

The starting point of an effective legal & compliance department is clarity about mission, vision, and goals, all of it shared by your team and backed by top management. Are you there yet? And is it truly inspiring and energizing? Contact us to discuss how we can help.

Strategic business partner

Like most other legal & compliance departments, you probably aspire at being recognized as a true strategic partner by the business. Contact us if you wish to know how close – or far – you are from achieving that goal and what you can do to bridge the gap.

Impact and positioning

If you are looking for ways to have more impact on the business and be recognized as such, you have landed on the right place. We have made it our core business to help in-house lawyers create value.


In today’s complex and ever-changing organizational environment, we can help you turn the legal department into a more agile, flexible, and resilient organization. 

Processes and efficiency

Doing more with less is the new mantra for legal & compliance departments. Get us in, and appreciate the innovative ideas and tools we will bring to do things differently and more efficiently. 

Soft skills development

The evolution of the legal market, and in particular to rise of legal tech to manage all routine tasks, creates a situation where soft skills are more necessary than ever for lawyers to stand out and have an impact. Excellence in leadership, writing, speaking, project management, managing meetings, and many more soft skills areas will be the signature of tomorrow’s leading lawyers.

Talent management

Standard HR policies are often inadequate to manage in-house lawyers. You need a customized approach to successfully attract, retain, develop, and motivate lawyers. We help you at every step (except that we are not doing recruitment or headhunting).

Team spirit

Does your law department need a fresh wind of energy and enthusiasm? Beyond the occasional feel-good-get-together, what culture do you want to promote in your team? What degree of collaboration would be optimal, and how can you achieve it? 

Compliance and risk management

We can help you design the optimal architecture for the compliance function, create and implement effective communication strategies, improve governance and compliance documents (code of conduct, policies, compliance templates), and make more engaging compliance training programs.

Managing outside counsel

Whatever your issue might be with your outside legal counsel, count on us to come up with innovative ideas, sound benchmarks, and effective models and tools. From RFPs to pricing models, from sourcing strategy to law firm policies, from old-fashioned service delivery to modern collaborative models, we have seen quite a lot. 

Legal tech 

When it comes to investing in legal tech, how to make smart investment decisions? How to figure out what will create real value for you? And how to sell it to get the necessary budget? We help organizations like yours make wise legal tech decisions.


Your company is merging. How are you going to successfully integrate the legal teams? Re-design the organization and the workflows? Achieve synergies? Create goodwill amongst people? We have been there. We can help.

Market trends

With one foot in law firms and the other in law departments, we have a unique, hands-on understanding of what is going on in the legal market. Tired on reading again and again the same clichés in legal blogs? We are the place to go for the real story.