How well do you and your partners work together as a group? Does your partnership function at its optimal level? To what extent is it a solid base you can rely on, or a source of worries, tensions, and stress? If you think there is room for improvement, call us. We can help.

Partners compensation

There are many parameters to consider to make a good partner compensation system, and many possible ways to make it fail. We can help design a solid partner compensation system that fits with the specific situation of your partnership.


When it comes to strategy, many lawyers are non-believers. They think it is a waste of time and that they have better things to do. Hopefully, you are not one of them. But do you have a good model to create and update a strategy? Do you have an actual strategy? Is it truly effective? Is your strategy a living process in your firm, and not just a forgotten piece of paper in a folder? 

Business model

The business model of law firms has been stable for decades. These days, however, innovative business models are creating opportunities and threats for law firms. We can help you look beyond business as usual and think creatively about new ways of creating value for your clients and for you.  

Business development & marketing

Attracting, retaining, and developing the right set of clients is the backbone of the success of your firm. We have developed a broad range of consulting, coaching, and training solutions to help you achieve your goals in that area.

Processes and efficiency


Pricing & economics

Pricing is becoming a core, strategic, activity in law firms. How smart and sophisticated is your pricing? Are you sure your pricing is optimal? You can bet it is not, unless it is grounded in a solid strategic analysis and translated into effective systems and management practices. Improving your pricing is probably the most direct way to increase your revenue. Do not waste the opportunity. Talk to us.

Soft skills development

The evolution of the legal market, and in particular to rise of legal tech to manage all routine tasks, creates a situation where soft skills are more necessary than ever for lawyers to stand out and have an impact. Excellence in leadership, writing, speaking, project management, managing meetings, and many more soft skills areas will be the signature of tomorrow’s leading lawyers.

Talent management

From talent marketing to on-boarding programs, from skills development to remuneration systems, from team management to inspiring leadership, we help you define strategies and systems for all the aspects of successfully managing your team.

Career paths

You are unlikely to keep your most talented associates unless you offer them a set pf clear, convincing and attractive career options. We help you craft meaningful professional journeys that will make you people want to stay with you.

Performance management

Feedback, motivation, goal setting, mentoring, KPIs, performance appraisals… How to help people in your firm fulfill their potential and deliver work that meets your requirement in terms of volume and quality? If you are interested in going beyond the old same routine, ineffective people management practices of the past and exploring smarter techniques to transform the performance of your team, talk to us.

Legal tech

When it comes to investing in legal tech, how to make smart investment decisions? How to figure out what will create real value for you? And how to sell it to get the necessary budget? We help organizations like yours make wise legal tech decisions.


If you are considering merging, joining a network, or forming an alliance, or if you are already done it and wish to make it work better, talk to us. The majority of mergers end up in failure and destruction of value. Do not add up to the statistics.

Market trends

With one foot in law firms and the other in law departments, we have a unique, hands-on understanding of what is going on in the legal market. Tired on reading again and again the same clichés in legal blogs? We are the place to go for the real story.