We work with our clients on their key challenges to create sustainable value.

We work with law firms on their key strategic, organisational and management challenges.

Over the years, we have produced the following types of outcomes with our clients:

  • Governance: Improving decision-making, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and designing an optimal structure to lead a complex mix of practice groups.
  • Strategy: Defining or updating the vision, mission statement and general strategy of the firm (including M&A and alliances).
  • Partnership: Improving relationships among partners and building a coherent partnership with common goals and values and a strong, distinctive culture.
  • Partners’ remuneration: Designing or changing the partners’ remuneration system, and managing the transition.
  • Pricing and profitability: Increasing profitability by improving pricing, invoicing, metrics and project management. 
  • Talent management: Building a stimulating environment and career options to attract, retain, motivate and develop talented professionals.
  • Marketing and business development: Expanding the business and attracting, developing and retaining more and/or better clients.
  • Cross selling: Improving collaboration and synergy among lawyers, practice groups and offices.
  • Efficiency: Increasing the efficiency and productivity of the law firm; improving, simplifying and documenting processes and enhancing standardisation.
  • Quality:  Turning the entire organisation into a client-centred, top quality service provider.
  • Skills development: Helping lawyers sharpen up their skills for writing, speaking, developing their client base, and managing projects, etc.
  • Succession planning: Preparing a smooth succession for senior partners.

We work with professional service firms on their key strategic, organisational and management challenges.

We have produced the following types of outcomes with our clients:

  • Partnership: Improving and structuring relationships among partners (incluiding dispute mediation).
  • Vision, mission, values: Defining and creating consensus around fundamental directions for the firm.
  • Strategy: Defining or updating the market positioning, the objectives and the strategy of the firm or a particular group.
  • Team spirit: Enhancing team spirit and teamwork among partners, associates or within a specific group.
  • Organisation and efficiency: Designing, improving and implementing organisation, decision-making, workflow and processes.
  • Business development and marketing: Designing strategies to improve client acquisition, client relationship management and client development.
  • People management: Helping the managers of the firm in all aspects of dealing with associates, from setting up a career path to conducting performance appraisal interiews to enhancing job satisfaction and retention, etc.
  • Skills development: Helping professionals sharpen up commercial, communication, management and other soft skills.
  • Pricing and profitability: Improving profitability by setting up optimal pricing, invoicing, financial metrics and project management systems.