Data on the Belgian Legal Market

FrahanBlondé and the Belgian Institute for Company Lawyers (IBJ/IJE) have conducted a survey among over 160 general counsel in Belgium. The result is the 2016 edition of General Counsel Barometer, the most extensive research ever conducted in Belgium about the organization of the legal function in corporations.

It can be ordered here:

The General Counsel Barometer provides detailed data on many questions relevant for general counsel and for the law firms and other providers who serve them, including:

  • The positioning of the general counsel in their companies
  • The scope of responsibilities of general counsel
  • The evolution of the staffing and budget of the legal departments
  • The priorities and challenges of general counsel
  • The opinion of general counsel on the use of the hourly rate
  • Who decides on the hiring and selection of outside counsel
  • The opinion of general counsel on new players in the legal market
  • What general counsel expect from law firms and other providers of legal services
  • Which legal practice areas have the highest growth potential in the future.

The price of the Barometer is 345 € + VAT. Members of the IBJ/IJE have a discount and can buy it at 295 € + VAT. You will receive a pdf file, but paper copies can be ordered at the price of 45 € + VAT.

Order the General Counsel Barometer here:

FrahanBlondé can also deliver a presentation at your office or facilitate a workshop to discuss the strategic and practical implications of these data for your organization. For more information on these options, please contact us.

Christian Hagen